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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme
Cooking and baking are just as much an art as painting or sculpting, just a lot more yummy! I have always been deeply passionately about farm-to-fork food and healthy wholesome eating. I pride myself in attempting to create the best meals I can for my family without formal training or breaking the food budget. The kitchen is just as much a zen zone as my art studio is. The best thing about the"art" of food is the fact that after you've put it together, created a visual foodscape, you get to devour it and savor every bite!

My mom's side of the family hails from many amazing farmers from Wisconsin over to Illinois. At one time my maternal grandmother's extended family owned most of Winnebago County in Illinois, with large cash crop farms that encompassed a rather huge chunk of Rockford, Illinois. They also owned vast cash crop farms in an around the Lake Superior area of Wisconsin. Today, I still have relatives in those areas who farm, some continuing to farm the very lands our ancestors farmed since the early 1800's.

The history and the connection to my past relatives through the generations of recipes that have been passed down is something I truly cherish. I even have many of the utensils from my great great grandmother and I still use them! The nostalgia that washes over me while I meal prep is sometimes emotional and often it feels likes I'm having a silent conversation with the past. Its very meditative.

Food is more than nourishment, it is what brings family and friends together during gatherings and special occasions. It is about sharing ourselves with others and that is why I have developed this recipe page. I am reworking, through trial and error and successes, many of my family's cherished recipes, but with an added twist...HONEY! That's right. I want to showcase the wonderful usages and ultra yummy methods I use my honeys in. Make no doubt about it, honey is extremely diverse, especially in the kitchen and, additional, in our personal care!

*Cooking With My Honey*

Honey is available in so many unique varietals, each with its own signature taste from the region it was harvested from. Honey is a lot like wine in this respect. I see many companies and apiaries selling what they call "Baker's Honey" which is all good and well, but I am here to tell you that ALL HONEY, yes, ALL HONEY is good for baking and cooking. All honey from varietals to blends, and infused honeys. I personally love hot pepper fused honeys for making barbeque glazes and cooking many spicy Asian dishes or to just drizzle across my corn chips. I make a mean Avocado Honey Mango Salsa!

Also, just like wine, you can pair honey with many cheeses, plating them in a gorgeous Hors d'oeuvre spreads. My grandmother was a pro when it came to pairing her cheeses with honey varietals! Don't be afraid to try unique honey varietals and infused honeys with your cooking, baking, and mixed drinks!