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Pollinator Services

"The hum of bees is the voice of the garden" ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

If you are a small farmer or serious gardener in the Loudoun County Area who wishes to ensure a successful yield of produce or seed, we offer limited pollination services.

LouLou Bee provides honeybee pollination services to the local small business agricultural industry in a cooperative environment, bringing together honeybees and their forage. Pollination is the most important role that honeybees fulfill for the environment. Without pollinators such as honeybees, our crop-yields would suffer.

LouLou Bee offers a simple and easy program, one in which customers don't have to worry as we do all the hard work. Simply contact us to set up a meeting, discuss what you are wanting, pick a location(s) on your property, then sit back and we do all the rest.

We will set up the hives and maintain them, while you get to enjoy watching your garden thrive as bees buzz from flower to leaf.

Please contact Lyndsey today for additional information and to inquire about Spring 2018. Prices start at $75 per hive.

I also recommend a visit to the Loudoun County Beekeepers Association and inquire about beekeepers looking for a place to put their hives. Many times beekeepers live in HOAs and have to find locations other than home to work their hives and are often willing to negotiate for good prime locations for their hives.

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