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Rain, Rain, Rain {go away)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

As soon as Spring comes to life, so does the hive, each and every bee, going about its business! It is a glorious sight to see such devotion, drive, and collaboration from such small delicate creatures.

So, it's been raining and it has been cold. The clouds swallowed the sun and didn't relinquish it for days. The sky has cried but the fresh spring growth relished in its nourishing tears. I was relieved when the curtains of sliver lining momentarily pulled their veil from the sun.

Feeling the warmth of my own smile grace my face, smelling the aroma of sweet honey suckle blossoms mingling with petrichor, and hearing the calls of birds and songs of crickets was enchanting. At last, there is a hint of summer on the air- only a hint and just a brief glimpse-as the clouds drape the sky again, heavy with rain. I don't complain, not when we need the water like we do to lift the droughts we've been experiencing the past two years.

However, the bees have not been too happy about the rain. They don't mind light mild rainfalls but heavy torrential downpours are another matter. I fed them extra sugar syrup over the rainy months because they are all package bees and beginning a new colony from a package takes a little more effort, an effort that is greatly appreciated by the bees! Once the sun came out, I must say, the bee gals were simply delighted.

They were flying about enjoying the open air and warm sun, performing aerial stunts for quite some time before they decided that they better quell their excitement and get down to the knitty-gritty...there's work to be done after all! It was amazing to watch the spectacle and though I would love to open up the hive today, I decided, these ladies have had enough stress and deserve some time to just "bee".

In the meantime I have been working on marketing ideas, new product labels, jarring my lavender honey artisanal honey, producing art, and planning my launch party! I wanted to aim for early spring, but I want perfection where this launch in concerned, so I pushed back the launch just a bit! I will be releasing details shortly and I am working on videos; beekeeping and encaustic painting processes!

Until next time, enjoy the remainder of Spring, Summer is just around the corner!

Live & Let Bee....

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