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A {not so} Gentle Nudge

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke
I am eager for Spring's arrival yet I'm cautious about being too enthusiastic. Winter has been barely a whisper and I know all to well that means March could potentially come in roaring like a lion. We've not seen snow at all, a little dusting here and there, but no inches or feet of accumulation. My New England heart does miss the white stuff, but Spring's promise of new beginnings has me anxious for a fresh start!

This 2017 year marks my adventure into beekeeping and incorporating it into my business model as LouLou Bee, a subsidiary of Shadow Horse Studios, LLC. I will be offering natural artisanal honey varieties, wax, handmade encaustic paint, honey based soaps, and of course fine art and photography!  You can read more about my journey into this endeavor at the "My Story" here.

I am really excited to be able to share my journey with everyone and even excited about the buzzing business of it all! I've never been a "color in the lines" sort of person and have always had trouble acquiescing to the dictates of others. I love being my own boss and working hours that make the pressures of motherhood manageable!

I invite you all to follow along with me and watch LouLou Bee grow! Most importantly, I can't wait to provide everyone with "Bee-awareness" and help educate people about honey bees and the impact they have on our world! 15% percent of the proceeds of all products sold, go directly to honey bee related causes. I hope to be able to increase what I'm able to donate as my business grows!

Do take some time to stop by my shop. The studio shop has been a huge undertaking as I am developing it independently on my own time. I use to use Etsy, but decided it was best to have me own shop to keep prices down. Please be patient as I continue to get my products photographed and placed into their appropriate shop categories! I have some artwork and illustration originals available and soon I will have some soaps, encaustic paint, waxes, and artisanal honey varieties available! I regularly donate 5% of my sales to causes near and dear to my heart! I will be posting more information regarding the foundations I routinely donate to and how you can help as well!

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