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April Showers {and May Flowers}

Friday, March 31, 2017

The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year ~Mark Twain

I can hear the pitter-patter of rain against the window frame in front of my desk from where I type. The view is scenic, cattle munching on the fresh green shoots of early spring grass, while the pond ripples with the gentle touch of the breeze. It is calm here and serene and I like that. I can reflect on the words I write. I can consider my art tools, be it paintbrushes, pastels, canvas, or paper, and the journeys that each one of those things plans on taking me once I unleash my creative side. I am eager to get lost in my studio and the process of creating.

Creating is essential to me, as necessary as breathing. As an artist, I view all things in life as a blank canvas, including life itself. Time is what we need to creative ourselves. In the duration of a moment, the blink of an eye, comes at us, many experiences. We learn as we go, trial and error. We win, we lose, we continue to create our life. Sometimes we get stuck in ruts and lose our way, most of the time we make it out unscathed, though sometimes we don't. However, that doesn't stop most of us from trying. Not being afraid to lose or mess up is what helps shapes are successes.

2016 was an awakening for me, I had been struggling and so lost and confused about how to find myself. Deep inside myself I knew who I was only I found it difficult to bring that to the surface. Part of it was because I was afraid maybe even embarrassed that others would laugh at my ideas and call them foolish, and this is exactly what has happened to me throughout my life. For the longest time I struggled with the complexity of my identity because I had be molded to fit a certain role of expectation set forth by family. We all have and not many of us break free of that.

Considering I was the artist, the out of the box dreamer, growing up in an ultra conservative family, I was already the odd one out. I was ridiculed often for my big dreams, while it stung, I knew it was coming from a place of love and not anger. But still, I yearned to break that mold and be the person I wanted to be, much to the dismay and approval of my parents. It took a long time to do this. A LONG TIME.

The birth of my son was what really gave me the courage to take the leap and go for what I truly wanted. I knew I wanted my art and photography to always be a part of my whole. I love gardening, homesteading, and I love bees! I never knew how I was going to make that all work, but one day, it just clicked. I knew what I had to do and so begins my journey as the apiary artist as LouLou Bee!

I have finally found a way to merge all my passions into one place, a place where all the things I love mesh so well. The beekeeping, the artistic and photographic endeavors, the writing, gardening, homesteading, the cooking, and the living- living fully, completely, and authentically.

I know that I have a lot of work cut out for me to get the ball rolling in establishing LouLou Bee, but I am up for the challenge and cannot wait to see it grow. I can be a rather impatient person, sometimes impulsive, but I know with hard work, perseverance, and passion, I can continue going forward in the direction I have always wanted to go but just couldn't find the right path at the time.
The work and passion you put into something is often like the month of April- all those rain showers finally giving birth to something wonderful- May's flowers.

Spring will always be the beginning of the new year for me. Spring is rebirth, Spring is Nature's yawn, as she stretches up and awakens from her winter slumper. I too, am awakening! Good morning! I not only invite you, but, welcome you to follow me on this journey!

A {not so} Gentle Nudge

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke
I am eager for Spring's arrival yet I'm cautious about being too enthusiastic. Winter has been barely a whisper and I know all to well that means March could potentially come in roaring like a lion. We've not seen snow at all, a little dusting here and there, but no inches or feet of accumulation. My New England heart does miss the white stuff, but Spring's promise of new beginnings has me anxious for a fresh start!

This 2017 year marks my adventure into beekeeping and incorporating it into my business model as LouLou Bee, a subsidiary of Shadow Horse Studios, LLC. I will be offering natural artisanal honey varieties, wax, handmade encaustic paint, honey based soaps, and of course fine art and photography!  You can read more about my journey into this endeavor at the "My Story" here.

I am really excited to be able to share my journey with everyone and even excited about the buzzing business of it all! I've never been a "color in the lines" sort of person and have always had trouble acquiescing to the dictates of others. I love being my own boss and working hours that make the pressures of motherhood manageable!

I invite you all to follow along with me and watch LouLou Bee grow! Most importantly, I can't wait to provide everyone with "Bee-awareness" and help educate people about honey bees and the impact they have on our world! 15% percent of the proceeds of all products sold, go directly to honey bee related causes. I hope to be able to increase what I'm able to donate as my business grows!

Do take some time to stop by my shop. The studio shop has been a huge undertaking as I am developing it independently on my own time. I use to use Etsy, but decided it was best to have me own shop to keep prices down. Please be patient as I continue to get my products photographed and placed into their appropriate shop categories! I have some artwork and illustration originals available and soon I will have some soaps, encaustic paint, waxes, and artisanal honey varieties available! I regularly donate 5% of my sales to causes near and dear to my heart! I will be posting more information regarding the foundations I routinely donate to and how you can help as well!